4 Ways To Respond To A$$-Hat Comments On Your Social Media Page

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Social media is already rough whenever one is trying to promote ideas, but whenever someone is attacking your beliefs (being the instigator) via Twitter, Facebook, or text message — where do you find the grit to to get through the day?

When we go online it may be just to study, or to get away from the world, and while we do this, some of us go online to mainstream media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., where we have even come up with terms such as “Facebook Stalking”, “Instagram famous” and so forth that show our identities, or lack of, past our lives in the real world.

Arguing with someone whose comment is insulting, brutal, or makes no sense seems worthless — but you have to make your point right? You have to utterly humiliate them in front of everyone, don’t you? Well, what else is there to do?

1. Ignore it 

People online are always looking for outlets to manifest stronger personas than their insecure identities in the real world. Whenever they can find someone whom they “feel sorry for” or do not have the same views as them, it is a sign of the instigator's ignorance and bigotry. It has no reflection of the person being attacked whatsoever.

It only shows that whoever is doing the attacking is insecure with their personal belief system, whatever that is.

2. "Fight or flight"

Psychology has been telling the world for a long time that this is a response that essentially every mammal has: The decision to stand there and fight back, showcase your true power or to not deal with it. Either of these could have serious consequences. Fighting could lead one into a situation that is completely over their heads, not that they lack how to deal with it — but sometimes people will just not let the argument die. Whereas flight could end up in just more bombardment of mass texts, emails, etc. to the point it is stalker-ish.

3. Tell someone 

I do not mean gang up on the person who initially attacked you with all of your friends. I am saying that if things are too out of hand then it is time to talk to people. Not in a joking way like, “Hey look at this prick!” but maybe more like “Is this person psycho?”

4. Tell them to stop 

If that does not work, un-friend, block and go ghost. Do whatever you can to stop the harassment, even if it might be family members.

The “yeah, you got me just does not seem to do it … honestly though, let the bad grammar take one for the team this time. Although when we start getting attacked in our safe zones, this can be whenever constant hounding, and belligerent rants that are directed towards you become a problem.

Social media is not a place to attack other people. Not only this, it is not a place to stalk others or shit talk them behind their backs, by ganging up on them.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a problem like this: do not be the problem — become the solution by not participating in harmful content.  

I know that today we tend to not take things like Facebook status fights seriously, but where you may not, others will, and when you become the target of a mouth-off machine gun it seems like there is no where to take cover, but there are always places, people and resources available for people who actively seek them. Be the better person instead of letting them get under your skin.