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5 Reasons To LOVE Dirt, Noise, And The Unique Joy Of Raising Boys

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Raising Boys

I had a conversation with my friend whose son is a very active toddler. We discussed how she'd always wanted to have a girl. Growing up, we were both girly girls, excited about tutus, hair bows, and anything pink.

So when the doctor said, "It's a boy!", she was really surprised.

"A boy? Really? Are you sure?"

"Oh yes," the doctor said. "DEFINITELY a boy."

Deep down she was happy that her baby was healthy, but quietly she thought, What am I going to do with a boy? How am I going to navigate a world I know nothing of?

After her son was born, all her worries and fears went out the window. Of course, she knew that he was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. (Shouldn’t every mom think that?)

As her son grew, she realized that being the mom of a son is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Her son showed her daily how he thinks, how he sees the world, and what's exciting to HIM. She gets to see the world in a new way thanks to the unique experience that comes from raising a boy. 

So, to proud moms of boys everywhere — here are five reasons raising a son is the best parenting gig ever!

1. You get to play with all the cool, messy toys.

Most women grew up playing with baby dolls, dress-up clothes, and toy ponies. If you only had a sister (or no siblings), your entire childhood was likely restricted to the world of "girl toys." 

As a mom of a son, it's exciting to play with all the toys that we didn't get to play with as young girls. Having a son gives women an opportunity (and excuse) to get dirty, make a mess, and dump out all the blocks — only to clean them up again.  

Taking a son to the local Fire Station to "Ooohh" and "Ahhhh" at the big machines and all the working parts is fun for both son and mom.

And while a lot is changing for today's kids, with boys and girls now playing with toys of all varieties (gender restrictions be damned), that wasn't the case in our day. So, if you're a girl who missed out on playing with "boy toys" as a kid, raising a son now grants you a childhood do-over to finally enjoy that play experience.

2. Everything is funny.

With boys, everything is funny. Burps, farts, mud, banging your head, and falling down ... Yep, all of it is hilarious.

A boy can take the simplest moments and turn them into a full-blown comedy routine. They love to laugh, and love making other people laugh. 

In the most stressful moments of getting everyone dressed and out the door, a son will find a way to lighten the mood. His laughter is contagious and can help you reset and laugh along with him. 

3. You interact with the world in new ways.

Boys experience the world differently. It’s true.  

You probably never knew how far a cherry tomato could squirt its seeds until your son shows you. 

A boy is so curious to know how the world around him works, and what impact he has on it, that they'll squeeze and jump on everything.

Why? Well, according to human behavior, parenting, and education expert Dr. Gail Gross states that boys are wired differently. "Boys, have more of their cerebral cortex defined for spatial relationships," she said. "As a result, they learn easily through movement and visual experience." 

As a result, boys need movement and different visual experiences to learn all about their upside down and backwards world. Moms can jump right in and learn more about the spatial world by joining her son in play, and a great adventure awaits everyone! 

4. Hugs and snuggles mean more.

A boy is always on the go, always busy. Busy with toys that need to make noise, diving into nooks to explore, and finding items to disassemble. In a new environment, there is a brand new adventure waiting for them in every corner. 

Boys have such excitement and enthusiasm that they're nearly always moving. But then — out of the blue — they'll run up to you and jump in your lap. They will tackle you and give you the world’s biggest bear hug. Those moments can seem few and far between, so cherish those 15 seconds with all your heart, because as quick as they jump in your lap, they’re off again exploring the world.

In her article for The Huffington Post, LJ Charleston says, "Think about giving your boys the freedom to be tender and soft. They might surprise you." 

Because when they do surprise you, they are so sweet and gentle.  

5. They always need their mama.

Whether your son is five or 35, a little boy always needs his mama. You're the best at kissing boo boos, scaring away monsters, giving sound advice, or cooking your special recipes. 

There is no greater cheerleader for a child than his mom, who loves him to the moon and back. And even though his needs may change from day-to-day, your son will always need you to tell him, "It will all be OK," "I believe in you," and "I love you, no matter what."