5 Common (But Curable) Reasons Your Libido's At An All Time Low

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By Sujeiry Gonzalez

As Latinas, we are supposed to be caliente and ready for sex all the time. Ay, papi, take me ahora y siempre

Um, no. That’s just not how it works!

Yet, men expect us to live up to this stereotype. The pressure of it all! So, can you imagine how challenging it is being a Latina with a low libido? You are in a relationship and choose not to get freaky with your hombre. What gives?

Here are some reasons why you may not have an interest in sex: 

1. Sexual side effects of prescription drugs.

If you’re depressed, have high blood pressure or cholesterol, and are taking medication, prescription drugs might be the cause of your low libido. It may also be “virtually impossible to achieve orgasm,” said Beatty Cohen, a psychotherapist that specializes in marriage and family therapy and sexual dysfunction.

“These medicines numb us out in our genital area,” she continued. That’s when you need to speak with your doctors. “A small change in dose and family of medication can make all the difference in the world,” Cohen advised. 

2. You are in an unhealthy relationship.

Let’s face it: if your hombre treats you like crap, or your relationship is full of arguments, negativity and resentment, you won’t want to have sex with him.

"Our relationships must be healthy and satisfying if we are to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship,” Cohen added. “If we are not feeling close and safe, and if we don't feel that our partner cares about us (sexually and emotionally), most women will have difficulty achieving orgasm.”

3. Your hormone levels are off.

During menopause, our hormone levels go haywire, but younger women can also have a low libido. The issue could be your testosterone levels.

“Testosterone is mostly bound to a protein in the body called sex hormone-binding globulin,” Dr. Michael Ingber, a urologist at The Center for Specialized Women's Health, explained. “If this protein is too high or the free testosterone is too low, sexual desire may be low.” Go to your doctor and check your testosterone level. It may just be the culprit! 

4. You have a poor body image.

You don’t feel sexy. You hate your hips, your thighs, or you’ve gained a few extra pounds and they sit right in your middle section. Damn you, chichos! Poor body image directly affects sexual desire — or lack there of. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with your partner; if you feel undesirable, you won’t desire sex. 

5. You are burnt out.

Who isn’t stressed out, ammirite? But it’s about how we cope with stress that gets us in trouble. Unfortunately, chicas, we have a lot more stress to manage.

“Women balancing careers, children, bills and a host of other responsibilities can often experience high levels of stress, which is known to pretty much eradicate the desire for sex,” Elle Nicole, sexologist and founder of Sex Meets Style, said.

We just can’t seem to juggle it all, and then want to knock boots. That’s because “when  a woman's mind and emotions are wrapped up in children, career or other  life stressors, sex may (unfortunately) be dead last on the list,” Nicole continued. No matter how “spicy” you’re supposed to be, sex just ain’t happening. 

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.