People In These Occupations Are Most Likely To Marry Each Other

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People In THESE Jobs Are Most Likely To Marry Each Other

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There are so many choices for people looking for long-term relationships, and yet, many people who desperately want to be in a committed relationship remain single. 

More and more people are meeting their significant others at work. A study of 11,000 found that work/school is the number one place to meet a spouse. But which kind of jobs have the highest percentage of people marrying each other?

In an article on Priceonomics, researchers analyzed data from the US Census to discover what types of workers are most likely to marry people in their profession. Their research only focused on marriages of people of the opposite sex, though the Census will start including data on same-sex couples soon. 

Those surveyed for the Census were asked about the occupation from which they make most of their income from. The responses were studied to see how many people with a given occupation were married to others within the same industry. 

The researchers found that these occupations are highly likely to marry someone with a similar job:

  • Lawyers
  • Farm workers
  • People in the field of education

Meanwhile, miners, construction workers, and people in finance were much less likely to marry someone in the same profession.

But there's a catch: men and women in jobs where they're a minority are more likely to find love in the workplace. For example, there aren't that many women in the field of construction, but those that are have a very good chance of finding a husband in the same field.

Nearly 40 percent of women in construction are married to a man in construction. Since there also aren't that many female farmers/ranchers, they too are likely to be married to a farmer. (I guess isn't such a stretch after all.)

The field with the highest percentage of marriage in the same industry was law. Apparently lawyers and legal support have a tendency to marry each other.

So, if your parent's greatest wish was for you to marry a lawyer, become one and you'll have a better chance. Also, if the marriage doesn't work out, you'll be better able to protect your interests. Think Bill and Hillary Clinton as a prime example of a two-lawyer couple.

The highest percentage of married couples who have the exact same job, not just in the same occupation, are agricultural workers, doctors, and casino workers. Unfortunately, casino workers also have a high divorce rate.

You can meet your future spouse by working at a job in a male-dominated field, or seek out the rare man in the female-dominated field, but it's probably your best bet to become a lawyer, farmer, or get a job in construction.