What ACTUALLY Happens If You Have Sex With A Tampon In

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Women Forget To Take Their Tampon Out Before Sex

It happens: the sexy stare down, a little bit of flirting, and then a hot spontaneous romp in confined spaces. During moments such as these, there's nothing else on your mind ... especially the tampon that's currently inserted into your vagina.

Sex while using a tampon sounds down right unlikely. However, Women's Health Magazine says it does happen more often than we think. 

According to Dr. Jennifer Wider, "There are many cases of women coming into their doctors with a vaginal infection, and it turns out that it was a forgotten tampon." If this occurs, it can be painful and uncomfortable; the object is forced into a space where no tampon has gone, or is supposed to go.

If you happen to forget to take your tampon out before having sex, make sure you can get it out immediately. Dr. Wider emphasizes that "the biggest danger is that the tampon gets pushed farther into the vaginal canal, making it very difficult to retrieve."

If left inside out for too long, your chances of getting a vaginal infection increasing greatly. Dr. Wider suggests "squatting or putting one leg up on the toilet and using your (thoroughly-washed) hand to remove the tampon," if you're having some difficulty finding it.  

If this still doesn't work, go to your OB/GYN as soon as possible. Even though it will feel embarrassing, Dr. Wider ensures that these doctors have seen it before and the procedure is similar to a pelvic exam. She explains, "Your doctor will use a speculum and sterilized medical instruments, like a long tweezer, to get the tampon out."

But the best way to prevent a tampon from being lodged into your vagina during sex is to take it out before you have sex. Or, you can also wait until your period is over.