This Calculator Shows How Many People You've Indirectly Had Sex With

Your sex number is probably MUCH bigger than you think it is.

How Many People You Are Sexually Linked To weheartit

We've all heard that scary adage that if we sleep with someone, we're indirectly sleeping with everyone he/she has. What if we could actually determine how many people we're sexually linked to? 

LloydsPharmacy created The Sex Degrees of Separation calculator to put the saying to the test. The calculator asks you to identify how many members of each age group you've slept with throughout your sexual activity history. Afterwards, you'll know an estimation of how many people you had sex with indirectly.


Here's a fun example: "If a woman slept with one man between the ages of 16 and 19, she has roughly 137,548 indirect sexual partners."

This seems like an enormous, unattainable number, but it's results like this that help the pharmacy achieve their main goal of promoting safe sex. This entails getting tested for STIs and being sexually responsible.

The pharmacy explains on their website that the calculator "illustrates how exposed you can be to STIs, and how important safe sex is. But even when using condoms, you're still at risk from STIs such as warts and herpes, and you may already be carrying a symptomless STI. Get yourself tested after each new partner."


This calculator is a fun tool to use, but can easily scare you into sexual abstinence. You definitely don't need to stop having sex if your indirect count happens to be in the millions  but it should motivate you to take the extra precautions to take care of your body.