Fans Of THIS Sport Have The Best Sex Lives, Says Survey

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Did you ever think about whether or not your favorite sport determines how happy you are with your sex life? Well, tennis fans will be happy that have the most satisfying sex lives.

In the 2015 SKNY Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, "90 percent of all tennis fans are either very satisfied (49 percent) or satisfied (41 percent) with their sex life." Not only are they happy in bed, but they're more confident, as the study found that tennis fans were most likely to send nude photos to someone.

The survey also found that tennis fans are the "most likely sports fan to fake an orgasm, at a whopping 61 percent." Maybe they get a lot of practice with all that grunting on the court.

Whether you're watching the U.S. Open live or from home, if you like tennis the sexual odds are in your favor.

How do you weigh in? Maybe it's time you hold a viewing party and discuss your sex life with friends of different sports orientation to find out where you stand.