13-Year-Old Sent Home From School For Sporting This "Crazy" Hairdo

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Fair punishment or ridiculous?

Middle school is the time where we had no idea who we wanted to be as adults. Because of this, it's the time to discover what makes us unique.

In her attempt to do so, thirteen-year-old Lauren McDowell tried a new hairdo and got sent home from her school — twice! Hellogiggles.com tells Lauren's story of unwelcomed self-expression.

With the help of her mother, Yvonne, "the young girl chose to shave off the hair on one side. She then took it a step further, using brown and blonde dye, to create a playful leopard-print design."

However, Lauren and Yvonne were unknowingly going against South Yorkshire's Forge Valley School's "strict uniform policy." Head teacher, Dale Barowclough states, "The policy clearly states that extreme haircuts, including hair colour are not allowed," therefore Lauren was sent home from school.

In effort to work with her school's dress code, Lauren showed up the next day with a bandana tied around her head to cover up the creative hairstyle. To her surprise, she got sent home again

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Lauren's mother fully stands by her daughter and believes that "the school has infringed upon Lauren's human rights."

Yvonne further states, "She had the haircut about a week before she went back to school. No one has the right to tell someone what to do with their body. It is her body." Lauren's mom proclaims that her child didn't sign away her rights by signing up for school.  

The outraged mother believes that schools should allow their students to express themselves. She also believes her daughter "is being discriminated against based on how she looks, which is definitely not okay."

The entire experience has left Yvonne wondering, "What has her hair got to do with her education?"

Because her daughter's creativity got her sent home twice, Yvonne told Yahoo News, "She will never be going back to that school."

In a society that's constantly telling people to be the same, it's refreshing to see someone so young expressing herself. But it's a shame that this school doesn't agree.