3 Scientific Reasons He Can't Keep His Damn Hands Out Of His Pants

Surprisingly, he's not thinking about sex.

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Remember the time when you and your man were snuggling while watching television, and then fell asleep  only to wake up to find his hands in his pants? Your initial reaction, like many of us who have witnessed this, was to burst out laughing.

Although it's a strange habit all guys seem to have, there's a method behind the weirdness.

According to Women's Health Magazine's article, "Why Men Can't Keep Their Hand out of Their Pants," there are three main reasons men just can't keep their hands off their junk.


1. He needs to be reassured that nothing is out of place.

"Guys subconsciously default to this position when they relax because they feel more at ease with their essential organs out of harm's way," the article says. It's almost like they're reassuring themselves that their package is intact and fully functional.

By sticking their hands in their pants ever-so-often, it helps them protect their package during moments when their guard is down (like sleeping).

2. He feels relaxed.

Gently touching himself every now and then eases his nerves. Women's Health Magazine notes: "Rubbing his stomach or other body parts in a non-erotic way triggers the release of oxytocin, a calming hormone, according to a study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology."


If this hands-in-pants calming method isn't a habit you want your man to repeat, you can let him know there are other innocent places on his body he can touch to relax himself, especially in public.

3. He wants to mark his territory.

Placing his hands on his private parts helps him assert his dominance when other men are in the room. This is a very primal idea, where men were expected to have a litter of children in order to prove their manliness.

"Facing a business rival with his hands in his pants could mean he's consciously or subconsciously trying to establish who's boss," says Rob Kominiarek, a family physician and founder of the Alpha Male Medical Institute. This is a sentiment that's very old school, but awkwardly sexy nonetheless.