Two Exes Relive Their Break-Up —​ And It's Heartbreaking To Watch

Photo: YouTube

All the feels.

Imagine sitting face-to-face with your ex, whether you broke up two, five, or 10 years ago. No matter the reason for your breakup, old feelings of resentment, anger, and reflection cross your mind. (And the awkwardness don't forget that.) 

That's exactly what exes Ali and Andrew did when "The And" Project reunited the two, allowing them to ask each other the toughest questions. The exes were a couple for seven years and were brought back together almost two years after their breakup.

For the first question, Ali asks Andrew, "Why did you cheat on me so many times?" And by the end of his answer, the raw emotion from these two is completely heartbreaking. You can see how much they loved each other, and how, even though years have passed, the wounds from the relationship are still painful.

In a Facebook post from Andrew, he says:

I love this project because it forces couples to ask the uncomfortable and intimate questions that we rarely want to answer. Ali and I did this a year ago, two years post-break up, which would logically give us more reason to be honest, since there's nothing to lose. On the contrary, there's still everything to lose, because beyond the failures and successes of our dating life, there's still the person that I cared for immeasurably.

It took two years to find the ability to talk this openly, and there was a sense that any answer could jeopardize our friendship. In the end, we formed a greater level of understanding, and I found that the hardest questions required us to remember the moments we treasure.

I regret the pain that I caused her, despite when we admit that in going through it, we are informed how to be better in the future — either for each other or the next love. I'm inspired by the great couples of this world that serve each other with respect, loyalty, support, and understanding, and if there is one thing I take from my relationship with Ali, it's that she embodied all those characteristics like she invented them.

Whether or not you've talked to your ex since you broke up, we've all learned important lessons from our past relationships. And those lessons continue to help us grow in our new relationships, and in life.

Watch the full video below, and click here to watch other couples talk about the bad (and good) parts of their relationship. Also check out part two.


H/T: Buzzfeed