6 Quick Tips To Make Morning Sex The Best Part Of Your Daily Routine

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Morning Sex

Sex at daybreak (or, if you’re a freelancer, just before noon) isn’t just for newlyweds or long-term couples who happen to be morning people. Sometimes it can work in casual situations, too — in fact, sometimes it’s even better in a casual situation because you haven’t known each other long enough to get truly annoyed by each other’s morning breath.

And we happen to think that morning sex is a good litmus test for your regular booty call: If you’re comfortable enough with each other to do it sober, then it’s a booty call worth holding onto. Casual morning sex also confirms that you don’t need a buzz to feel like it’s okay to enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Everyone loves a self-aware booty caller!

Also, sometimes you wake up so freakin’ glad that you weren’t wearing beer goggles the night before that you want to knock boots just to celebrate.

Whatever your reason for doing it in the morning with someone new(ish), here are a few quick tips:

1. Try positions other than missionary in order to reduce exposure to morning breath.

2. Consider keeping a pack of those dissolvable mint sheets on your night-stand or in your wallet/purse for a quick freshening-up. Mints take too long to eat and gum in bed is just trashy.

3. Failing mints, just taking a few big gulps of water will do wonders for your breath.

4. Don’t jump out of bed to brush your teeth unless your partner is, too, otherwise you’ll make them even more self-conscious.

5. We guarantee that your breath after a pack of cigarettes and five pints of beer was pretty nasty, and it didn’t seem to bother you last night. So stop being such a priss and enjoy the fact that you are having SEX!

6. If you’re not a big cuddler, here’s your chance to shine: It’s okay to jump out of bed right after morning sex so long as you return with breakfast in bed for your partner.

This article was originally published at Em & Lo. Reprinted with permission from the author.