Seriously Ladies: Stop Dressing Like A Slob — It'll Get You Robbed

You look gross and you'll get pick-pocketed.

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The NYPD has taken to twitter to call out people for wearing fanny packs. Not only do they look ridiculous, but they're also super-easy to steal from.

There's really no reason to wear them yet people still do. Go to Times Square in the middle of the day and you'll realize that we're living in a fanny pack apocalypse.

What's even more egregious? Now people are wearing fanny packs backwards

First of all, why would you take all of your important stuff, put it together in a bag that advertises, "Hey, all my stuff is right here!" and then wear it on your butt? If you do that and you get robbed, you were kind of asking for it.


At least when people wear fanny packs on the front, no one's going to be able to get into it without you noticing (unless you normally just let people play around with your crotch without asking to see what's up).

It's not just fanny packs that are dangerous; it's dressing sloppily in general. You see it all the time — people walking around with coats not all the way on, bags draped lazily over a shoulder, pants that don't fit right.

Dressing that way will make people look at you and go, "Gross," but it'll also make pick pockets look at you and think, "Check out all this easy money!"

Dressing like a slob makes you look like you don't pay attention to anything going on in the world around you. If someone doesn't notice that their coat's collar is all messed up, then they probably won't notice that their wallet is missing until someone already used its contents to buy 22 new flat screens.


Tourists are obviously the biggest offenders of this. When people go on vacation, they forget how to dress because they're just focused on fitting every imaginable item into a suitcase that they can.

Tourists are always super-easy to pick out, which makes them even more obvious targets for criminals. Living in New York City, I'm surrounded by tourists, and it's painful seeing people who look like they got dressed during an earthquake.

Before you leave the hotel room, think to yourself, "Would I dress like this at home?" If the answer is yes and you have a fanny pack on your butt, then you need to go back to school.

People get so caught up in bringing everything they think they’re going to need for the day, that they forget about the basic rules of clothes. They literally think to themselves, "OK, shirt, pants, shoes, nothing else matters."


They're so preoccupied with making sure they don’t run out of battery power halfway through the day that they just forget to care about how they look.

Seriously, just put a enough effort into your clothes to look like you tried.

It will keep your outfit from bumming everyone out and will prevent your wallet from ending up in the hands of a master thief (or douchebag teenager).