17 Things Only You And Your Work BFF Will Understand

A workmance for the ages.

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By Macy Williams

When you really think about it, you spend most of your life at work. You might as well get along with the people you are around most of your days.

In my office, we're all pretty close — we actually want to be around each other. Pretty crazy, huh? You might even say we are work besties.

Do you have a BFF at your job? Here's how to know for sure...

1. You have so many inside jokes, you can hardly keep up with them all.


You should probably start writing them down in a Google doc.

2. Sometimes, just one word in an IM conversation conveys everything you need to say.


3. You visit each other's desks multiple times a day. For, um, business reasons of course.

4. You know all of each other's annoying habits.


Do your headphones seriously need to be that loud? Seriously?

5. You commiserate with each other about mean co-workers.

You have to stick together or good will never conquer evil.

6. You both go to happy hour together... a lot. Seriously, like six out of the five workdays.

7. You come up with nicknames for other people in the office.


Did you see what Creepy Eyebrows just did?

8. You know each other's lunch orders.

Turkey sandwich with no mayo, right?

9. You text each other on the weekends.

Because two days without one another is too long.

10. During meetings, you can have entire conversations with just an exchange of glances.

It's all in the eyes, am I right?

11. You show up to work in the same outfit all the time — and you never plan it. How does this keep happening?!


12. You are more excited for work parties when you know your co-worker will be there.

And you won't even bother going if she can't make it.

13. You get so pumped to see each other when you come back from vacation.

Never leave me again!

14. You can both tell when a day is feeling especially long.


And you will confirm with each other once you're finally walking out the door.

15. You give one another honest advice.  Some things just need to be said.

16. You keep each other in the loop on all the office gossip.

It's like a soap opera, but in real life!

17. You will always root for each other when something goes well (or not so well).


You totally slayed that meeting. Really, nobody even noticed when you tripped over the projector cord.