For The Millionth Time: No, It's Not OK To Sleep With Your BFF's Mom

This isn't even really advice.

from Significant Mother The CW

So, there's some new show coming to the CW called Significant Mother. It's about two best friends who are living together. One of them comes home early from a business trip and discovers that his mom and his best friend have been having sex.

The show asks the question: Is it OK the date your best friend's mom? Why is this a question even worth asking? We all know the answer.

The problem with shows like this is that they're based on a concept that would never happen in real life. That's not to say that no one has ever slept with their best friend's mom, but no one would ever continue being friends with that person.


The quickest way to end a friendship is to sleep with someone's mom. It's not even a question; the answer is no. Don't sleep with your BFF's mom. Find someone else to sleep with.

Why would you even think of doing that? Find someone else to sleep with. Seriously, it's not that hard.

In today's world, there's very little taboo left. Let's leave "not banging your BFF's mom" as a not OK option. Let's not limit it to moms — how about parents don't sleep with any of their kids' friends?

Parents are supposed to stay separate from their children's social circles. People have options in who they can date, so don't date someone if doing that will hurt one of your friends. That's not what friends do.


Making a show about this concept would be like making a show that asks the question: Is it OK punch your friend in the face while he's sleeping?

We all know the answer, and we don't need a cheap sitcom to tell us the answer.

The worst part about the show's premise is that the main character finds out this has been happening behind his back. People are only sneaky when they know that they're doing something wrong. Then when they get caught, they still try to justify their actions.

This happens a lot in real life, and it's super obnoxious.

Once you decide to be sneaky about something, you can't also pretend that it's an OK thing to do. The only time people are sneaky to be nice is when it involves a surprise party. Sleeping with someone's mom is the exact opposite of a surprise party.