10 Struggles Only Girls Who Talk A Lot Understand

Take a breath, ladies.

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Being a loquacious lady is a lot of fun. You relate to others and you're super interesting, so why wouldn't you talk a lot? You're fascinating. You're wonderful. Everyone loves your stories ... Right?

Maybe. Or it might be that you just never give anyone else a chance to get a word in edgewise, so you never realize that they're actually more interesting than you are.

You never get to hear any of their tall tales, so you have no idea just awesome everyone else around you is. You constantly go over your minutes and you've been caught talking on the phone while on the toilet.


And that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to #ChattyGirlProblems. If you're a woman who loves to talk a lot, whether it's to hear your own voice or to engage with others, you can probably relate to these struggles. You know, if you can shut up long enough to absorb them all.

1. Godd*mnit, your name is not Cathy.

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2. You feel close to people because they know your business ...

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3. ... But you don't know any of theirs.

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4. Phone calls leave you out of breath.

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5. You go off on tangents and make everyone lose their patience.

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6. Sometimes you just don't take a break and people get irritated with you.

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7. Even you get tired of hearing yourself.

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8. You get this a lot.

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9. You get this from friends, lovers, bosses, colleagues ...

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10. But God forbid someone ever interrupts you.

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