FYI: Cheating Is A Form Of Domestic Abuse

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By Ro Ingram

Did you know that cheating is also considered domestic abuse?

Psychologists believe the pattern of abusers and cheaters can be very similar. Both groups often try to justify their behavior, deny their actions, or otherwise refuse to take responsibility. The person doing the betraying may originally feel a little bit sorry, but really shows no concern about his/her partner’s feelings, therefore minimizing or making light of the behavior.

Also, those who refuse to admit to the cheating or tell victims when they are questioned, that their partner is delusional or crazy just makes the situation worse. This causes feelings of hurt, loss of self-esteem, and emotional trauma to the victim. 

If this is happening in your world, it is NOT your fault and you are NOT alone!  

I visited a Blog months ago, Chump Lady, and it has become my new best friend. She's also a featured member of the BlogHer Network.

In a word - WOW! This site has its pulse on cheating and everything associated with it. Her readers are REAL people sharing pain, anger, feelings of remorse and even smiles. If you feel as if you're all alone, and that no one feels your pain, visit her site when you can!

Sadly, abuse runs rampant in today's society. Many have grown to accept verbal degradation or cheating by minimizing it, laughing about, it or pretending it doesn't exist. Also, seeing someone with a black eye or a broken arm/leg may cause someone to whisper, but nothing is ever really done about it. Living with someone who gradually changes into a person who is no longer the person you knew is tragic.

While cheating displays no blatant visible signs, the emotional degradation is mind-blowing.

Domestic Abuse in any form is very real, demeaning, harmful and potentially dangerous to you or someone you love. Please don't ignore it.

I have zero tolerance for cheating. I read a lot and watch a lot of movies, but if either hints at a situation where someone who is married is cheating, that movie is done and the book gets tossed aside. I see it as a betrayal to the marital vows, and view abuse as cruelty.

We can offer words of encouragement and be there when needed to those who are suffering. We also hope that victims or survivors continue to grow by becoming part of a group if it is safe to do so.

This article was originally published at BlogHer. Reprinted with permission from the author.