You Should Never Feel Ashamed For Not Wanting Kids — Here's Why

Sorry not sorry.

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There's a very traditional belief that all married couples must have kids. I hate to burst your bubble, but that's simply not true.


It might've been a necessity during early civilization to keep the population thriving, but we're not living in the Stone Age. This is modern America with a booming population of over 321,387,667 that grows every 12 seconds! 

Our country doesn't rely on families to maintain it and its economy and thrive anymore — it simply doesn't work that way anymore.

You Don't NEED Kids

It's possible for a married couple to live as empty-nesters. It's also possible for you to live out your life as a single person, with no one to worry about but yourself. Some people simply don't want the responsibility of raising kids.


"Parenting is an 18-year, full time job! If you're not sure you want to sign up for it, DON'T sign up for it," explains expert and author Lisa Steadman in the video above.

Do What Makes YOU Happy

Having kids can be a wonderful, fulfilling and loving experience for you and your family ... if you sincerely want to have them. 

While many parents love their kids (even if they didn't originally plan on them), others (pressured by society) might feel sad and stressed, which is reflected in their parenting style.

Sure, parents want grandkids, but remember that it's up to you to decide whether you actually want to have kids. You determine the terms of your own happiness — NOT your parents. And that's something they must accept. 


For those who are unsure whether they want children or not, Lisa Steadman urges, "[Happiness] is what you make it. If you want kids, go for it. Godspeed! If you don't, celebrate that child-free life, and enjoy it!"

Still can't decide whether or not you want kids? Scroll up to hear Lisa Steadman offer some more great advice!