Science Says There's 4 Types Of Drinkers: Which One Are You?

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Science Says There's 4 Types Of Drinkers: Which One Are YOU?

Science says there are four different kinds of drinkers, but before think there's no good reason for doing research on this topic, or that this information is completely pointless, I'm going to tell you why this is significant. 

If we're able to identify the ways in which people react to alcohol, we'll be able to know specifically how to help certain types of alcoholics. There doesn't need to be a one-size-fits-all treatment, which means the percentage of success results will be higher. And this is why this study about drinking types is extremely valuable.

Psychology researchers from the University of Missouri at Columbia published a study in Addiction Research and Theory, in which 374 undergraduates (college students who drink? What?) were categorized into the following real and fictional literary heroes/characters type drinkers: Mary Poppins, Ernest Hemingway, The Nutty Professor, and Mr. Hyde of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame.

The general idea is that some individuals change more dramatically than others when intoxicated. Here's how the study breaks down the four types:

1. Ernest Hemingway drinker.

This is the largest group. The Hemingway drinker's behavior doesn't seem to be that affected by alcohol. Ernest Hemingway was known for bragging that he could "drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk." The Hemingway alcoholic personality doesn't show any major changes when they go from sober to drunk.

2. Mary Poppins drinker.

If you're a Mary Poppins drinker, you're a sweet and responsible drinker. Mary Poppins describes herself in the 1964 movie as practically perfect in every way, and most Mary Poppins drinkers are already outgoing types who get even more chatty and flirty the more they drink.

3. Nutty Professor drinker.

This type is based on the Eddie Murphy version of the film The Nutty Professor, not the Jerry Lewis one (though it would probably work, too). According to the study, the Nutty Professor drinker is a natural introvert who sheds their inhibitions. You know, the type of person who can't have fun at a party until they get their drink on.

4. Mr. Hyde drinker.

In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (or, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the book and movie versions), Dr. Jekyll is a man with two distinct personalities — one good, Dr. Jekyll, and one evil, Mr. Hyde. He loses complete control when he changes into Mr. Hyde.

When talking about the Mr. Hyde drinker, they're the less responsible, hostile, evil twin who, when under the influence of alcohol, become a mean drunk.

Being able to identify what kind of drinker someone is will help get people the right kind of treatment they need. And it will also help you stay away from the Mr. Hyde drinkers, as they can be extremely dangerous.

Which kind of drinker are you? Are you the sweet Mary Poppins? Or the evil Mr. Hyde?

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