The 13 Types Of People We ALL Have In Our Yoga Class

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The 13 Types Of People You Meet In Your Yoga Class

By Shannon Vestal

For me, yoga is the perfect exercise: a respite and refuge from stressful days with the added bonus of physical fitness. And it's better as a group activity — the energy of a room full of like-minded people can add positivity and a sense of community to your practice.

But there's a downside too. Yoga attracts many different kinds of people, and sometimes those people are not quite so like-minded. Like, they're not quite clear on the rules for when to get there, when to leave, and why you shouldn't bring your cell phone.

Yoga class is a varied cacophony of people and personalities, so this is devoted to them — and you, because, honestly, many of us have been some of these types.

Yes, even the farter. It happens to the best of us.

1. The Woman Who Can't Part With Her Cell Phone

Don't you answer that phone. Don't you dare!

2. The Show-Off. Yeah, we get it. You're amazing.


3. The Farter

One time is one thing. Making music several times during class is totally another.

4. The Loud Breather

Ohhhhhm my god, be quiet!

5. The Looky Loo 

You know her. She's looking at you; she's looking at her, at him, at the teacher. Girl, mind your business!

6. The Gigglers

We've all been there. It's why I avoid going to yoga with friends.

7. The Newbie Guy Who Doesn't Really Know What He's Doing. Oh, but he tries.

8. The Latecomer

You're ruining my Asana!

9. The Early Leaver

Where are you going?

10. The Chatters

I mean, go to happy hour.

11. The Mirror-Obsessed. I see you seeing you.

12. The Savasana-All-the-Time Yogi

Are you snoring?

13. Teacher's Pet

She can turn off the lights herself.

This article was originally published at PopSugar Fitness. Reprinted with permission from the author.