7 Comics That PERFECTLY Sum Up The Concept Of Sexual Consent

This should answer all questions.

consent ms-demeanor.tumblr.com

In an article that was originally published on Everyday Feminism, artist Alli Kirkman uses comics to help clear up any confusion about the idea of consent.

Consent around sex is ignored way too frequently and it's not OK. With these seven things unrelated to rape, Kirkman shows us the concept of consent to make it SUPER easy to understand.

1. It's not OK to pressure someone:


2. Just because you said yes once doesn't mean that yes holds forever.

3. Never assume what someone else is feeling.


4. Make sure the other person is CONSCIOUS when interacting with them.

5. You don't have the right to demand something, no matter how badly you want it.


6. You don't owe anybody anything.

7. Being dressed a certain way isn't an invitation for anything.


All photos: ms-demeanor.tumblr.com

Men and women need to educate themselves about consent to avoid crossing each other's boundaries. Hopefully this will educate people on the difference between consensual sex and rape.