Um ... Clip-On Man Buns Are Now A Thing, Apparently

Photo: WeHeartIt
man bun

If you're a woman like me who's into Fabio-type men, you just crave a guy with that long, luscious, wavy hair.

For some of you creepy women out there, it's not a stretch to say that you'd give anything to run your fingers through his cascading locks just once ... or a couple hundred times.

And then, UGH. When he swiftly ties it into a messy topknot, you know he's ready to get down to business. It makes women swoon.

Well, ladies, leading UK online {{ fashion retailer ASOS has finally heard your crazy pleas. They've made this interesting fake bun for men. Similar to the female hair extension, it simply clips onto your hair.

According to acting senior fashion and news writer of ASOS, Lucy Morris, who posted the announcement on April 1, says, "Just add a bobby pin."

Photo: ASOS

What she says next will seriously make you head to your computer ASAP.

"It is a universally acknowledged fact that men with buns are not only attractive, but also more successful. How else can you explain the wowing feats of Jared Leto, Zayn Malik and Shia LaBeouf? If you want to up your man's boardroom credentials and certifying him as an Adonis, we have the answer: the clip-on man-bun.

Imminently launching on-site, it is an easy way to get the look without the hassle or maintenance of growing long hair.” Yes, the man-hair extensions look is SO effortless.

Unfortunately, for those of you heading online right now with your credit card for this unbelievable man-bun, you won't be able to get any of them — because they DON'T exist.

That's right. ASOS fooled you (and the fashion world) because ... April Fool’s Day! Seriously, a man-bun? You're all just too gullible.

While most people saw this as a funny hoax, other critics like Monique Bowley of Mamamia saw the joke as a form of cruel, inherent sexism, suggesting that it would be taboo for a man to purchase hair accessories or put so much effort into hair maintenance.

But really, this was all in good fun and totally fooled a boatload of people. I'm sure that many men — and women — prefer the real deal anyway and would never consider wasting the money.