12 Struggles Only Passive-Aggressive People Will Understand

As illustrated by Taylor Swift, the most passive-aggressive person in the world.

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I'm going to rip off the bandaid right now and just come out and say it: No one likes a passive-aggressive person.

And they can't pass it off as some cute quirk.

Passive-aggressive people never say what they actually mean, but are aggressive ... just, you know, in a passive, underhanded and sleazy way, often to the point of gaslighting anyone they deem offensive by being subtly b*tchy, but denying it.


They're too concerned with their precious images to go all out and actually have a legitimate conversation with anyone they disagree with, but they're too desperate for attention to just let anything go.

That said, passive-aggressive people are people too, and their lives are really hard. It must be exhausting, isn't it? Here are some struggles that passive-aggressive people face, illustrated by one of the most passive-aggressive stars of her generation: Taylor Swift.

1When someone calls you out on a shady Facebook status or subtweet, you're all like:

Taylor Swift Giphy


2If you have an issue with an in-law, a friend of a friend, or anyone else, you'll bitch endlessly behind their backs but play nice to their face to avoid a confrontation.

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3When someone calls you up to hash out a problem, you let it go to voicemail and maybe call back later. Or just wait for them to do it.

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4You live in constant fear of anyone confronting you directly about anything.

Taylor Swift screaming Tumblr

5You say things like this whenever anyone bothers apologizing to you.

Taylor Swift You're Not Sorry Tumblr


6You never have an argument with just one person. You have to assemble a team in an effort to make a point and keep your wig from getting snatched.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood music video Tumblr

7Instead of asking if your friend or partner can take you to the mall or Starbucks, you say, "I mean, I can come if you want."

Taylor Swift shrug Giphy


8Despite rarely being direct, you expect everyone to read your mind. When they do, you act indignant.

taylor swift selena gomez mtv vmas shut the fuck up Tumblr

9When you don't want your man to go out, instead of just saying so, you insist, "No, you go. I'll just sit here alone in the dark. You have fun."

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10Whenever you're presented with legitimate criticism over your actions, you resort to personal attacks or just change the subject.

taylor swift why you gotta be so mean Tumblr

11You're seriously so catty.

taylor swift cat ears growl 22 music video Giphy


12Admit it: You ARE Taylor Swift. If you aren't Taylor Swift, you think she's the best.

Taylor Swift blowing a kiss Giphy