13 Everyday Foods That Contain More Sugar Than A Donut

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13 Everyday Foods That Contain MORE Sugar Than A Donut

You think it's healthy; you think it's a better dessert option than the Dunkin Donuts your co-worker brought to work for the whole office. But the brutal truth is, your non-fat yogurt and coconut water may actually contain more sugar than a whole donut.

Why? Well, according to nutritionist Sarah Flower, sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, and has no nutrient value. But it's the hidden sugars in foods that we normally believe to be healthier options that matter.

"You could live quite happily without any added sugar, as we get natural sugars from many other foods," Flower said in an interview with FEMAIL. "It's extras like sugar which will make you pile on the pounds."

For example, 125 grams of Activia fusions blueberry açai yogurt contains 15 grams of sugar — the same as eating one whole donut and a half (thanks a lot, Jamie Lee Curtis). And guess what? That yogurt contains more sugar than a McDonald's quarter pound burger with bacon and cheese.

Based on this study, we have to be more cautious and knowledgeable about what we put in our bodies. Too much sugar, according Flower, means that we're missing out on the more important vitamins and nutrients we actually need.

"Sugar-rich diets also compromise our ability to digest our food, so we are stuck in a vicious cycle," she said.  

But this doesn't mean you need to cut sugar completely from your diet. To stay healthy, the World Health Organization recommends 25 grams (0.025 kilograms) of sugar daily, which is equivalent to 6 teaspoons. 

Is your daily diet comprised of at least one of these so-called "healthy" foods? FEMAIL compiled this list to show you exactly how much sugar your yogurt or granola bar is equivalent to, in terms of donuts.

Source: FEMAIL