Kids Who Are Great Liars Also Have THIS Enviable Life Skill

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If you really sit down and think about it, you can find the silver lining in anything. Kids lying tend to make parents angry because it's wrong and makes their life harder. But most people think it could just be a sign of a big imagination.

Finally, science gives a good, concrete silver lining that's true.

Research from University of Sheffield found that little liars also have great memory skills, especially with words. That's probably a good thing since you need to remember a lot of things if you plan to lie often.

"While parents are usually not too proud when their kids lie, they can at least be pleased to discover that when their children are lying well, it means their children are becoming better at thinking and have good memory skills," says Dr. Elena Hoicka in a press release

Researchers had 100 children between the ages six and seven and put them up to the test. There were answers about a fake cartoon character on the back of a card, but researchers told them to not look at it while a hidden camera filmed them.

They then asked the kids a series of questions that included two entrapment questions to catch them in a lie. The best liars lied and remembered their lie, while the amateurs forgot it.

Researchers then gave the children memory tests and found that the best liars have a really good memory when it comes to words, but not pictures. The researchers believe this is because lying includes memorizing verbal information.

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At least you don't have to be too worried when you catch your little one in a lie. Still, parents should teach their children that lying is wrong, especially when used to avoid getting into trouble.

Aunt Marie's cheesecake, though ... that's completely OK to lie about. Good thing your kids will have that skill.