10 Times Wives Are Always Right (And Husbands Are Always Wrong)

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Ah, marriage. It's a travel through life together, supporting each other, and giving encouragement along the way.

Sure, there may be an argument or two during the journey, but there's an easy way to remedy that — just know the wife is always right. Always.

Don't believe me? Here are a few examples of when I've been right and my husband has been wrong. I'm sure you can relate.

My husband thinks he's still as athletic as he was at 18.

You may look cute in Spandex, but that doesn't mean you're able to bike with the boys. And no, you shouldn't "try your hand" at parkour. You fell last week trying to leap over a puddle.

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cat jumping in snow

My husband thinks people want to see his gyrating man-parts.

Not on the dance floor, and certainly not while in line at Target. The lady in the next lane over agrees with me on this one.

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boy dancing in diaper

My husband thinks he doesn't like cream cheese.

You know that stuffed chicken recipe I make? All that goodness stuffed into a fatty breast of meat is f*cking cream cheese. Oh, and I put it in the mashed potatoes, too.

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Sponge Bob

My husband thinks his travel route is faster than mine.

IT'S NOT. Driving fewer miles doesn't save us time if we sit in traffic for an hour. My way avoids it AND we get to pass McDonald's, where I can get a diet Coke.

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dog driving

My husband thinks he's dying when he has the sniffles.

It's the same thing I had last week, and I went to work and operated normally. No, I will not come home to adjust the thermostat for you because you're "too weak to get up and do it."

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Cam crying and sick

My husband thinks we don't need to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party.

We're coming to the party with empty stomaches; we can't have empty hands, too. Don't worry; we'll just buy some cheap stuff at the drug store on the way there.

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Dave Franco shaking head no

My husband doesn't think there's a difference between the cheap toilet paper and the expensive stuff.

THERE IS. Don't make me spell it out for you. Get the good stuff wherever you can find it.

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Elaine stealing toilet paper

My husband thinks I have the same awesome metabolism as him.

I can't eat an entire pizza with a side of ranch and gain zero pounds. Unfortunately, I just gained a pound watching you eat it. Leave me to weep into my salad.

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Rudy Huxtable eating pizza

My husband thinks putting the moves on me as soon as he wakes up will work.

I'd think after so many years of trying (and failing) you'd figure this out. Last night's garlic on your breath isn't sexy, and neither is your retainer.

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Aziz Ansari with roses

My husband thinks he's right about pretty much everything else...

You aren't, but I love you anyway. You're the perfect hubby for me and I should know. I'm always right.

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woman with sign saying wrong