Gross, Shamey #CollarboneChallenge Will Tell You If You're "Fat"

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Gross, Shamey #CollarboneChallenge Will Tell You If You're "Fat"

We were just outraged over the similarly body-shaming "Bellybutton Test," but as usual, the internet continues to be its terrible self by finding new ways to body-shame women.

The #CollarboneChallenge is a new trend on social media where women put coins onto their collarbone. The more coins you're able to hold on there, the skinner you are.


Um, on the upside (sarcasm), at least this new trend won't risk you dislocating your arm, right? Plus, it's a great alternative to a piggy bank. Look on the bright side!

But of course, in this effed-up society skinny = better, right? RIGHT? Sigh.


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This challenge went viral on Weibo, the same Chinese social media platform where the bellybutton test was trending.

"While having a visible collarbone may mean you are carrying less body fat, individual body structure varies so much it is tough to make a blanket statement like 'if you have visible collarbones you are healthy.' An anorexic will have prominent collarbones but there is nothing healthy about that," Dr. Charlie Seltzer, M.D. tells YourTango.

Luckily, some intelligent people started pointing out how insane this logic is by spoofing the weird trend and putting other weird things on their collarbone:

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At least many women realize how ridiculous this trend is and can find some sort of humor from it. First we're told our stomachs aren't thin enough and now our skeletal structures aren't thin enough, either? Sigh, sigh, sigh. Enough.