A Woman Will FINALLY Be On The $10 Bill — Here Are The Frontrunners

Photo: Twitter/womenon20s
Women Will FINALLY Be On The $10 Bill

Women have been absent from our currency for quite some time, despite the well-known facts that many female historical figures have bettered this country. This huge oversight is finally getting fixed. —

The Department of the Treasury confirmed Wednesday that Alexander Hamilton will be taken from the $10 bill and replaced by a woman.

The replacement has yet to be announced, but Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, will announce the new face in 2020. That year will mark the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote.

The department believes it "should feature a woman who was a champion for our inclusive democracy." She also has to be deceased.

This isn't the first time the bill has gotten a makeover. When the $10 bill was first issued in 1861, it had Abraham Lincoln on it. Hamilton later replaced him in 1929.

Whichever woman is chosen won't actually be the first to be on a bill. Martha Washington was on the $1 bill in 1886, according to Baltimore Sun. Also, Pocahontas was on the $10 bank note in 1869 and a $20 note in 1865.

The big change was all started by Women On 20s, a campaign to get Andrew Jackson replaced by a woman on the $20 bill. Senator Jeanne Shaheen then introduced the bill.

Here are few images from Women On 20s of amazing female historical figures they think should be considered:

1. Rosie The Riveter

Photo: Twitter

2. Harriet Tubman

Photo: Twitter

3. Rosa Parks

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Though changing currency is a step in the right direction, women have a long way to go in our demands for equality. Not only that, but maybe we should consider replacing Andrew Jackson, instead of Alexander Hamilton, as he has a well-known record of violence and racism. Food for thought?