15 Too-Real Thoughts Girls Actually Have When Cuddling With You

"Does Taco Bell deliver?"

Cuddling WeHeartIt

By Ashley Paige

Cuddling is an art that requires great precision and accuracy — one wrong move, and you're uncomfortable for the rest of the night. That said, most of us are amateur cuddlers, and therefore a slew of crazy thoughts enter our minds as we spoon our little hearts out.

Hey, no one's perfect.

1. "I'm WAY too hot right now."

I wish I could de-layer, but then we'd stop cuddling.

2. "Oh sh*t, I have to pee."


But I don't want to move.

3. "I'm definitely crushing his arm." It's cute that he's being really quiet about it, though.

4. "He's definitely crushing my leg."

I squash his arm; he flattens my thigh. Fair, right?

5. "Is my hair in his face right now? I'm pretty sure my hair's in his face."


I can hear him spitting out strands behind me.

6. "His breath is tickling my neck."

Ohhhh my gosh it tickles so much! Can't deal. Must giggle . . .

7. "Should I spoon him? Maybe he'd like it." Or then again, he might feel really weird about it.

8. "I'm hungry."

Does Taco Bell deliver?

9. "Did I feed my cat today?"


I did. I know I did. Right?

10. "I still have to pee. Really bad."

OK, rolling away in 5, 4, 3 . . .

11. "I kind of want to check my phone."

But that would be so rude.

12. "Does he want me to nuzzle him?" Like in the movies. Yay? Nay?


13. "I think he's excited."

Noooo! I don't want this moment to end!

14. "I can't fall asleep. At all."

Maybe I can reach the remote from here . . .

15. "Is he snoring in my ear?" Yep.