Talk About The Pits! 15 Celebrities With Untamed Underarm Hair

These stars think shaving is the pits.

madonna hairy armpits instagram miley cyrus licking her hot pink hair under her arms jemima kirke armpit hair Instagram

Underarm hair removal became prevalent in the 1920s when sleeveless dresses first became a major thing. Up until that point, no one thought twice about it. Now it's as common as shaving your legs (or waxing, lasering, whatever). But not everyone is on the smooth-pit bandwagon, and that's fine, too. Underarm hair is natural. Everyone has it at some point, but most women remove it. It's a personal choice that doesn't affect anyone else on the planet. That is, until you start shoving your pits in everyone's faces to show what a special snowflake you are or how well your new rock crystal deodorant is working for you.

These stars all at some point said "eff you" to razors and went au natural. Some even celebrated their hairy pits with dye. More power to you. Just remember that you're probably not actually making that much of a statement as you want to think.

1. Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus armpit hair hot pink tongue Instagram

Miley Cyrus wants you to know just how much of an edgy hippie she is, so she not only grew out her underarm hair, she also dyed her armpit hair hot pink. Then pretended to lick it. (There also was an abundance of Instagram photos of Miley Cyrus naked except for pasties and pit hair, but we didn't want to subject you to those.)


2. Lady Gaga

lady gaga blue hair much music video awards PRPhotos

As original and special as Miley Cyrus thinks she is for having neon dyed pit hair, Lady Gaga actually did it first at the 2011 Much Music Video Awards to match her wig. Which is odd, because Lady Gaga is usually being accused of stealing her ideas from other people.


3. Madonna

madonna instagram armpit hair Instagram

Where there's a Rebel Heart, there's rebel hair, which Madonna proudly wore on Instagram. Unfortunately for the Queen of Pop, she probably has more strands under her arms than people who actually purchased Rebel Heart.


4. Beyoncé

Beyoncé at the 2008 Cadillac Records premiere PRPhotos

Beyoncé forgot to tame her armpit hair before the New York premiere of Cadillac Records in 2008, but she's still the Queen and still a blessing to us all. Bow down, bitches.

5. Paula Cole

paula cole armpits PRPhotos

Paula Cole used to be famous for her long armpit hair and singing the theme song to Dawson's Creek. Now she's not really famous for anything.


6. Lily Allen

lily allen PRPhotos

At last year's Glastonbury Festival, Lily Allen showed off not just her armpit hair, but also a nipple, because she doesn't want you to forget who she is.

7. Juliette Lewis

juliette lewis PRPhotos

Juliette Lewis rocked hairy pits to a premiere, and the world almost cared.


8. Julia Roberts

julia roberts and benjamin bratt PRPhotos

Julia Roberts infamously showed off huge tufts of underarm hair at the 1999 London premiere of Notting Hill, noting that then-boyfriend Benjamin Bratt thought it was a turn-on.

9. Jemima Kirke

jemima kirke armpits Instagram

Jemima Kirke, starlet of HBO's Girls, rocked hairy pits to the CFDA Fashion Awards in early June 2015. She told reporters that her sister gave her the idea when she stopped shaving, adding, "I feel very French."


10. Hilary Swank

hilary swank PRPhotos

Hilary Swank accidentally skipped some spots under her arms before an Elle magazine party in 2010. She has Oscars, though, so do you think she cares?

11. Gaby Hoffmann

gaby hoffman at a premiere of girls hbo PRPhotos

Gaby Hoffmann is a working but not terribly famous actress. Her notoriety comes mostly from hairy pits and eating her own placenta. Anyone hungry?


12. Halle Berry

halle berry 2009 essence black women in hollywood luncheon armpit hair PRPhotos

In 2009, Halle Berry forgot to shave or wax her pits before an Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon. She still looks better than everyone on the planet.


13. Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore PRPhotos

Drew Barrymore decided to shave no more before a Marc Jacobs fashion show in 2005.


14. Britney Spears

britney spears PRPhotos

Poor Britney Spears forgot a razor before an awards show in 2003. She didn't forget one a few years later, though, when she had a meltdown and shaved off all the hair on her head.

15. Tallulah and Scout Willis

naked nude tallulah willis scout willis naked bathtub Instagram

Underemployed daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Tallulah and Scout Willis are seen here naked in a bathtub drinking will full-on underarm bush. If you feel creeped out, well, you should.