These Parents Cryonically Froze Their Deceased Toddler

This is very sad and very weird.

These Parents Cryonically Froze Their Deceased Child iStock

When you hear "cryonically frozen," chances are Walt Disney pops into your head. Disney wanted his body frozen, in case science eventually found a way to bring the dead back to life.

Disney's body was cremated, but it looks like others are fans of this idea, including two mourning parents and their recently deceased child.

Sahatorn and Nareerat Naovaratpong in Thailand had their nearly three-year-old deceased daughter, Matheryn, cryonically frozen after she died from brain cancer, according to Parenting.


She had a long fight with cancer, having 12 surgeries and 40 sessions of chemotherapy and radiation.

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So ... how do you freeze someone?

Two representatives from U.S.-based Alcor Life Extension Foundation injected her body with medical-grade antifreeze, and lowered its temperature to 80 degrees Celsius below zero.


Her body was then placed in a coffin and flown to the United States. They cremated her body and kept her head frozen, which is now stored in a vault in Arizona. The whole process cost $80,000.

She's currently the youngest person to ever be frozen, and her parents plan to do the same for themselves once they pass away. They're still holding out hope that advances could allow them to see their little one alive in their lifetime.

"We believe death can be overcome in the future," her father tells Global Post. "Human beings are seeing technology increasing exponentially. It just doubles, doubles, doubles. If our computer systems proceed like this, they'll double their abilities minute by minute. That would allow us to solve the world's biggest problems."

Cryonically freezing a deceased person isn't something we hear about often, and is a process we really only read about or see in science fiction. The option these parents took is certainly unorthodox and different, but we're sorry for their loss.


Hopefully, freezing their daughter brings them relief and helps their grieving.