The CRAZY Way Your Sex Life Changes The Older You Get

You don't need to be young and in your prime to have mind-blowing sex.

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Having great sex doesn't need to stop once you reach a certain age. We experience different stages of life, each stage having its own set of complications.

As long as you're aware of how often you really want sex, how much your partner wants sex, and the changes  you're going through — physically and mentally — you can have a great sex life at any age.

According to Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, The Sexual Dysfunction Specialist and clinical director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, sex changes over the years.


When couples are first together, everything is very exciting, and the frequency of wanting and having sex is at an all-time high. When the couple settles down and starts having children, they may start seeing that they're only having sex on vacation, or when they schedule it.

They may be too exhausted from work to do anything except the basics. Lives become hectic, and even thinking about sex can seem completely exhausting.

If couples are mindful of what challenges they're facing sexually, they can work together to come up with ways to jumpstart their sex life so it doesn't become mechanical and boring. 


When people are older, they no longer have pressing workloads or children to worry about, which gives many older adults more time to devote to having sex. 

We all need intimacy at any age.

Studies have confirmed that you can enjoy sex for as long as you want, no matter how old you are, or what gender you are. Women don't cease to want sex, even after menopause.

Sex at 70 or 80 isn't going to be like sex you had in your 20s or 30s, but it can be just as enjoyable, if not more so.

The benefits to having sex are endless. Sex can help improve your mental and physical health by burning calories, releasing endorphins, and helping to reduce anxiety. Sex also adds years to your life, strengthens relationships, and helps you escape from the (sometimes) troubling realities of life.


The key to a great sex life at any age is to discover what works for you right now.

If you're older or have health problems, you may have to open up your definition of sex. What worked for you before might not work for you now. Being open to trying new things and methods is super important, and sex at any age calls for creativity.

As Dr. Marcus says, "Be aware and conscious that your life shifts, your sexual relationship shifts, and your body changes."


If you can go with these changes, you should be able to have a healthy, fun, and satisfying sex life at any age.