You Won't BELIEVE Where Women Are Getting Lipo Now...

Oh, for God's sake.

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As technology grows and women are pushed to look perfect, we're getting new cosmetic treatments that are just plain strange. First, it was just about the nose and boob jobs. Now, the cosmetic industry is preying on women's insecurities about their vagina, butts, and chin.

Wait — chin? That can't be right. Sadly, it is.

Like women aren't already told their lips, boobs, and weight should be scrutinized, now some genius has decided to add chin to the list.


There is a new type of procedure called Kybella, which targets that pesky "chin fat" that is clinging on.

"People who are closest to their ideal weight are best suited for minimally invasive procedures. This pre-platysmal fat is a 'fit-fat' location. Patients may be fit and still have this fat. I truly feel genetics has a role, and therefore, this minimally invasive procedure [Kybella] is ideal for these patients," says Dr. Sean Doherty, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon tells The Luxury Spot.

Apparently, fat around the chin area isn't so easy to work off with exercise, so this is now being recommended.


Kybella is an injectable that requires several injections every four to six weeks.

"The effects are cumulative, and patients see more of a result after multiple treatments. It is stated that results can last for 6 months, but it is suggested that results will last much longer than that — possibly even permanent," explains Dr. Doherty.

Well, this definitely doesn't sound worth it at all. The new treatment will become available to the public this June, and pricing has yet to be set. But it's likely it won't come cheap.

We're sure they'll find clients out there. But we have to say it: ladies, your chin is perfectly fine the way it is.