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Get WET: Introducing The First-Ever Pool Toy Vibrator

Photo: WeHeartIt
woman in pool

Summer is heading your way and it's time to plan how to get in your summer fun by going to the beach or to the pool to cool off. Well, now you can enjoy the water AND have an orgasm with this new sex toy that floats!

Gnarly Rider creates waterproof vibrators that give you a different kind of fun in the water (wink). It's the first toy designed for use in the pool. CEO and founder, Ronda Sue, says the name came from her love of riding motorbikes.

Photo: Indie GoGo

"Numerous studies support the neurochemical benefits of floating. Floating increases the production of endorphins and reduces levels of adrenaline, nordpinephrine, ACTH, cortisol, and other stress related agents, whereby orgasm while floating is more likely to be achieved," states Sue on Gnarly Ride's website. 

The company is currently on Indie GoGo trying to raise $100,000. People can also pre-order the toy in aqua for $50, or in hot pink for $60. Gnarly Ride also makes t-shirts and caps with their logo, hoping to deliver early orders in July 2015.

This will certainly be interesting for people who love public sex