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17 Struggles Only Girls Who Think Like Guys Understand

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Women Who Think Like Men

Being a girl is hard enough, but being a girl who "thinks like a guy" is even harder. Why?

Take friendship, for example: Your girlfriends expect you to understand them, and your guy friends expect you to think like your girlfriends — and will treat you accordingly.

Dating becomes a challenge because everyone is usually so enmeshed in his or her traditional gender role that any tiny stray from the norm can lead a once-promising relationship off-course.

That whole "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" trope of men approaching life and conversations with logic, and women taking a more emotional approach is — as stereotypical and corny as it sounds — usually true. So, when you're an exception to it, it's either really refreshing or completely baffling to people.

Here are just a few of the struggles that a woman who thinks like a man (and not in the Steve Harvey sense) can face.

When your girlfriends go off on tangents and can't tell a short, linear story, you're completely and totally lost.

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1good luck charlie confused

You don't see what the big deal is about gas.

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2liz lemon 30 rock sneeze fart

In fact, you think farts are pretty hilarious.

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3britney spears laughing x factor judge

But all your girlfriends are like ...

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4nene leakes real housewives of atlanta rhoa so nasty so rude

And guys, who always laugh when they do it, are somehow extra grossed out when you do. Jerks.

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5benedict cumberbatch sherlock banana

You're sure that Nicholas Sparks movies are playing in the ninth circle of Hell.

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6zac efron nicholas sparks

You think strip clubs are a fun way to unwind and bond with your buddies, and everyone judges you for it.

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7channing tatum magic mike strippers

If your friends want you to go to the mall with them, they have to take you by force.

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8drag monkeys

You lack the maternal instincts necessary to pretend your friends' troll children are cute.

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9i am your grandma baby head

Maneuvering a curling iron baffles you.

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10christian bale confused

But you know exactly what happens when you hit down, down-forward, forward then punch.

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11street fighter

You can identify every single person in this GIF, and know exactly what they do and why.

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12super bowl

But The Bachelorette — and its appeal — is unfathomable to you.

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13the bachelorette andi dorfman

Texting isn't important to you. In fact, it's kind of annoying.

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14texting ashley benson pretty little liars pll

You've had to have this conversation plenty of times.

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15friendzone dogs

Your girlfriends and guy friends take precedence over your boyfriends. Always.

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16lc lauren conrad choose a guy over a friend

You have a ton of friends because girls get your advice on guys, and guys get your advice on girls. And sometimes, that causes problems in your friendships and relationships, because, well ...

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17mean girls popular jealous