Single Women Ruder To Ugly Guys After Being Rejected By Hot Ones

Study says girls are more likely to reject an unattractive man when an attractive man rejects her.

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Many people are very hypocritical when it comes love and dating. We often expect so much more from others than we do ourselves, and when we're hurt, we tend to get amped up!

According to a new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, single women turn down unattractive men after being rejected themselves by an attractive man.

Researchers had 300 single, undergraduate women create an online dating profile. They then set up the experiment for two men (one attractive and one unattractive) to look at their profile first, and then the women got to choose been the two. If the two picked each other, they were to then meet up.


The results show that women were more interested in the unattractive man, as well, if both of them were into her. However, if the attractive man took a hard pass on her, she was uninterested in both the attractive and the unattractive men.

Yikes, what's going on? Insecurity, much?

"[B]eing affiliated with an unattractive man would make those women feel like that's the kind of man they 'deserve,' which puts their larger social goals at risk," says lead author Dr. Greg MacDonald.

Of course, the ladies aren't the only ones who are guilty of this. Louis C.K. tackled this very issue on his show, Louie. He comes across an overweight girl who is very into him, but he is very standoffish. She then puts it all on the table saying he's just scared that he should be with someone who looks like her.


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You've got to love humans and the terrible way we think.