14 SUPER-Annoying Things Young Moms Are Beyond Sick Of Hearing

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Oops, excuse me, there — my age is showing. But honestly, enough is enough amirite?

On behalf of all 20-something parents, especially young moms like me who have to endure assumptions, stereotypes, and really effing personal questions, here are 14 things I'm so sick of hearing people say to me.

"You're pregnant?! Was it planned?"

1Annoying Comments

"You're a mom?! Oh my gaaahhh, I could never be a mom right now! I'm way too irresponsible. Aren't you sad you can't party? Or have a life? Oh my gahhh!"

2Annoying Comments

"Oh, you're Catholic/Mormon/Mexican/Southern? No wonder you're a young mom!"

3Annoying comments

"Ha. Babies having babies ..."

4Annoying Comments

"I'm so sorry. You could've done big things with your life."

5Annoying comments

"If my tax-payer money is going to pay for that baby, I'll have an opinion about it." (I see this gem in Internet comment sections all the time.)

6Annoying comments

"Is that your husband? I mean boyfriend ... I mean baby daddy ... I mean ..."

7Annoying comments

"Are your parents here to help you?"

8Annoying comments

"So? Where's your ring? When's the big day?"

9Annoying Comments

"Are you the nanny?"

10Annoying Comments

"Well, at least you're a MILF."

11Annoying Comments

"Do your kids have the same father?"

12Annoying Comments

"Ugh, I could never have a kid yet. I don't want to ruin my life."

13Annoying comments

"You look WAY too young to have a baby!"

14Annoying comments

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