WHA? The Super-Scary Way Salt Affects Your Ability To Have Kids

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Salt Affects Your Reproductive Health

Not good.

Most of the things that we eat and drink contain salt. While the FDA only recommends consuming less than 2,000 milligrams of salt every day, it's hard to look out for these levels when they're so well hidden in our food.

But even though we're aware of both the benefits and dangers, there's one more scary way that salt affects our health (and our bodies) that we didn't see coming.

Brace yourself. A recent study by The University of Wyoming revealed that having a too-rich salt diet actually messes up your reproductive system.

According to lead researcher Dori Pitynski, "high levels of fat and salt have opposite effects reproductive health” said Ms Pitynski. “High fat diet is thought to accelerate the onset of puberty but our work demonstrates that rats fed a high salt diet even with a high fat diet will still show a delay in puberty onset.”

If you have kids, you also need to pay special attention to this. This means that not only can a high salt intake delay puberty, it can also lead to issues with fertility later on in life. Scientists conducted two sets of tests where they fed the first group of rats a high salt diet and didn't give any salt to the second group.

The interesting thing is that both groups showed the same signs of having a delayed puberty. So if you thought that completely skipping out on salt means you're in the clear, guess again.

UGH, we feel a headache coming on.