Craaaazy! Mom Gives Birth To Twins With Two Different Dads

Photo: iStock

Science, you have some explaining to do.

From time to time, science likes to mess with us. Case in point? Recently, a single mom of two twin daughters from New Jersey experienced the shock of her life when she decided to take her children's father to court for child support payments.

Confident that the DNA would put the trial in her favor, imagine her surprise when it actually ended up working against her. Normally, this kind of case is a no-brainer. As the father, he is responsible for his children, end of discussion. Right?

Wrong. According to the New Jersey Law Journal, it was actually revealed that the man in question only fathered one of the twins.

Um, WHAT?!

We know that this sounds like it's coming from an episode of The Twilight Zone, but it is one hundred percent true. The scientific name for this is heteropaternal superfecundation. Apparently, the mom's eggs were fertilized within a week of each other, which means that both men she had sex with fathered one twin each. That explains why he's just one of their paternal fathers. 

As strange as this seems, this isn't the first time that this has happened — although it is pretty rare. However, it is a first for New Jersey. NJ.com mentions that this is "the first paternity case in New Jersey and only the third nationwide to feature two different fathers for a set of twins."

Science, you have A LOT of explaining to do.