HISS, HISS! 4 Very Big Signs Your "B*tch Shield" Is Up Toward Men

Your bitch shield is here to PROTECT you. Wear it proudly.

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God bless Lewis Parker, from Daily Dot, who had the (mis)fortune to interview Neil Strauss, a pickup artist who found fame almost overnight, going from "hapless schmuck to Hollywood alpha-stud." And how? By giving men tips and tricks on how to pick up women ... for the sole purpose of sex.

Nope, he didn't teach men how to have an interesting conversation with a woman, get to know her, or even start a friendship with her. It's all for sex. *sigh*


Women are no strangers to unwanted male attention. And for those women who men consider particularly "attractive," walking down the street — or even going to the grocery store or other public location — is prime hunting ground for thirsty (and clearly desperate) men.

(Note: there's a difference between telling a woman how nice her outfit is and telling her how sexy she looks in those heels. Ew.)

So it's only normal that women put up their "bitch shield" (an attitude a woman uses to get a man to leave her alone) when some random guy approaches to seduce her.

So, how do you know you have your "bitch shield" up toward creepy men approaching you?


1. You're well aware of the "three-second rule."

In his book, Strauss explains the "three-second rule," which sets a time limit on how quickly men have to approach a woman before their chances of sex diminish. So, when a guy approaches you in the bar almost immediately after walking in, you know exactly why.

No, it isn't because he really wants to admire your stilettos. No, it isn't because you dropped an earring and he wants to pick it up for you. He wants to pick you up. It's a ticking bomb and he needs to disarm it before it explodes (AKA before you're 100% likely to reject his advances).

2. You're pretty much used to negging.

Just when you thought men couldn't get any more desperate for sex, then comes negging. You're by yourself, minding your own business, when a man comes up and flat out insults you, making note of any "mistakes" in your appearance. How classy of him.


What does this behavior say about the men trying to pick up women? As Sassy Gay Friend says, "Desperate, desperate, I am really desperate!"

Most women are smart enough not to sleep with an idiot who comes up to her and spews insults to win her approval. How stupid is that? No, she won't sleep with you and yes, she can see right through your bullsh*t.

3. You worry about sexual assault on a daily basis.

One in 6 women will become the victim of sexual assault or rape in her lifetime. Other than walking home at night (and during the day, for that matter) or being taught to carry a weapon of some sort to protect against assault, women now have to worry about men at the bar trying to force themselves on her?!


In Parker's interview, he mentions Ken Hoinsky and his pick-up manual, which I won't even mention the name of because he's a disgusting, rape-promoting pig. In this "how to guide," Hoinsky tells men, "From now on you must assume that she is attracted to you and wants to be ravished ... Physically pick her up and sit her on your lap. Don't ask for permission. Be dominant. Force her to rebuff your advances."

Two words: F*cking ewwww. Another word? Horrifying. 

4. You feel compelled to defend the core elements of feminism and women's rights.

No, really. I'm not saying men can't be part of the feminist movement, support a woman's right to choose, or even enjoy the works of women writers, but Strauss apparently thinks his advice is similar to that of Simone de Beauvoir. HAHAHA.


What a f*cking joke.

How the hell can you compare desperate men trying to get sex to one of the biggest influences on feminist theory and writings about the oppression of women? If you aren't thinking, "What the actual f*ck," there is something wrong with you.

Whether you're a feminist or not (which, hopefully, you are if you understand the true definition), ladies, we can all agree that men like Strauss have no place comparing themselves to Simone de Beauvoir, who is probably rolling in her grave.