The Struggle Is REAL: The 10 God-Awful Stages Of Faking An Orgasm

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Stages Of Faking An Orgasm

Ladies, it's time to 'fess up. As much as we hate to admit it, sex sometimes has its ups and downs. Everything's fine until only one of you gets off. After getting over your initial shock that he's rabbit-ing away waiting for you to come (or worse, he just finished without you and wants to make it up) the awkwardness settles in.

It's not that he isn't doing it right. Yes, you're turned on but for some reason your brain and your body just aren't on the same page. So you figure your best option is to fake it until you make it.

Even though it's not your proudest moment, lying to him seems like the better option. Why bring the mood down, right?

So here are the ten stages of faking an orgasm that we all go through:

You're hopeful, you're optimistic. You're confident you're going to do it this time.

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Things start moving along. Not only are you feeling yourself, you know can DO this!

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And then you realize it's been awhile. And you're hoping he'll finish first.

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But then he doesn't.

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He's hammering away but you know it's not going to happen.

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And so, you put your acting skills to the test a la "When Harry Met Sally".

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He's almost there. You are nowhere near there.

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You pretend to climax.

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Finally, you tell him "We're done here."

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Then, you go back to reading your Cosmo magazines to see what went wrong.

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