Men Prefer Women With Plastic Surgery, Says Depressing Study

So much for natural beauty ...

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We get really weird mixed messages from society when it comes to plastic surgery. Media loves to "out" celebrities like the Kardashians for doing it, but because they do it so often, it must have some positive effects, right?

Correct! According to new research, people find others to be more favorable after they get their cosmetic surgery. So much for "beauty comes from within."

These findings came from an experiment where people rated women who got plastic surgery based on their before and after photos. Dr. Michael Reilly from Georgetown University asked the participants what thought think the personality traits of the women were, how attractive they were, and how feminine they came across. The participants didn't know that some of the pictures were of the same person.


The results showed that people consistently prefer the photos of women after their surgery. They also view these women as people who are more social, likeable, feminine, and attractive.

I guess if you're going to dish out all that money to look a certain way in the first place, this is evidence that your money is well spent. But this is also seriously depressing!

The study also confirms that people really are anti-aging. But why? "Aging reverses positive dynamic expressions like smiling," Reilly tells Health. "When we age, our faces look like the opposite of a smile."

Basically, when you get older you get more of a resting b*tch face! Well, excuse us as we sob for daring to get older without cosmetic intervention.