Couples Who Do THIS Twice A Week Earn More Money (Says Study)

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Mindy and Danny

How can you and your man pull in more income? You might assume the answer is spending long nights in the office, but the answer might be more nights in your bed. A new study finds that couples who have sex twice a week also earn more.

International Journal of Manpower published a study that found men and women who get intimate twice a week earn 4.5 percent more than couples who aren't having as much of a good time. The findings came from a survey done with 7,500 Greece residents. The study also found that men who aren't having sex make 1.3 percent less.

So, tell your workaholic partner to get home and put in the work in the bedroom!

What exactly is the connection between your salary and how often you're having sex? Researchers aren't quite sure. From the study there is a tie between the two, but there isn't any clear evidence of what's causing it.

"Physical and mental health, as well as personality characteristics, are important factors that affect wages. The patterns found in this study strengthen this reasoning," writes Nick Drydakis, author of the study.

It makes complete sense! There are many health and beauty benefits from sex, so why can't earning more be added onto the list?