Pass The Reefer: Bisexual Women Are The Biggest Potheads, Says Study

The reason why is actually pretty sad.

Bisexual Women Are The Biggest Potheads weheartit

Bisexual women not only have a love for men and women but they also have love for this recreational activity.

A survey done by 2000 National Alcohol Survey found that 38 percent of bisexual women enjoy smoking pot while only 5 percent of straight women and 20 percent of women (in general) enjoy it.

Elite Daily also quoted a recent study that states bisexual college women are three times more likely to smoke weed than the other two groups.


So what's the connection? It may be a sign of needing to escape and deal with anxiety.

"As a bi-sexual person, you can feel homeless, like you don't have a community backing you, necessarily. So it may be that the weed is a way to sort of distract yourself, or cope," Dr. Robinson of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network tells The Daily Beast

She also believes that having to deal with more than one kind of discrimination has something to do with it.

"The big difference is that bisexual women are exposed to sexism as well as biphobia and homophobia," she continues.

Wow, that's a bummer. Hopefully society continues to evolve so they don't feel backed into a corner.