Ummm, OK? Frexting (Friend Sexting) Is Officially A Thing Now

Sexy pics aren't just for your man.

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Women are much more comfortable with their sexuality and it shows in how they act towards each other. We aren't friends; we're wives and it's not the least bit sexual when we sit on each others laps.

Unlike our male counterparts, we give no f*cks and will quickly tell each other when we're looking hot and we're always looking for fuddle session (friend cuddle sesh). See? Very comfortable.

But are we now so comfortable that we've completely forgone cuddling and began friend sexting (or frexting)? Some ladies are!


Yes, frexting is what it sounds like EXCEPT it's meant to empower us. It's a way to admire your girlfriends' beauty and raw sexiness in the way that men truly can't.

Instead of stripping down to be another person for a man to gaze at, taking a sexy picture for your friend is supposed to evoke positive messages that have little to do with sexual pleasure.

One woman, Alana Levinson, wrote about her experiences with frexting in Medium. "It's the extension of the very old idea that women dress up for each other," Alana says. "Part of showing off is about sharing yourself with your girlfriends." Hmm, we have to admit that sounds pretty awesome! 


Now, these sexy pictures aren't X-rated. They tend to be on the safer side of sexy, something that wouldn't be too embarrassing if they were shared (not that your girl would).

So, what do you do when your friend decides to hit you with a random frext? It may seem awkward but really it's simple ... CHEER HER ON!

"Frexting etiquette includes replying with positive emojis, including but not limited to the little fire, a cat with hearts for eyes, and clapping," explains Adulting