4 Reasons Bilingual Guys Make The Best Husbands, Says Science

Hola, señor!

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Every woman has a particular accent that makes her weak in the knees: English, French, Italian...ahhhhh. But ever wonder the scientific reason why we're so damn attracted to bilingual men? It's because they're such a good catch — and here's four reasons to back it up:

1. They're smarter.
Sure, it's a given that they're smart. Heck, they know how to speak multiple forms of communication but it goes a bit deeper than that. This study found that babies who are exposed to multiple languages have better cognitive control abilities. Sexy accent + brainpower = who can resist?


2. They'll stick around longer.
According to this study, people who are bilingual are less likely to get dementia and Alzheimer's in their old age, so best wishes for a long-lived happily ever after to you and yours!

3. They're more open-minded. 
A lot of people desire a mate who will make them strive to be better people — and vice versa. This study found that children who are bilingual see the world differently; they're more likely to understand that a person can learn new things. So if you're a person who has a desire to learn and grow (or simply needs a nudge in that direction) get yourself a bilingual lover, girl!


4. They can basically do it all.
Want a guy who's able to get you out of any bind? Go bilingual! Science says that speaking two languages helps with arithmetic, problem solving, and creativity. Basically, bilingual men are jacks-of-all-trades.

Sounds like a winner to us! *books flight*