Is It Really Possible For Women To Have It All?

How you can be happy without sacrificing your sanity in the process!

Is It Really Possible For Women To Have It All? Weheartit
In the past, women faced seriously limited opportunities when it came to both their work and family life. A 1950's woman on average went to school, got married, had a few babies and then spent her live helping to make the rest of the word happy.  It wasn't a reflection on what women were "capable of doing", but it was just how the world worked. The lack of women's rights pretty much meant that women did as they were told.  All of that has thankfully changed.
Nowadays, the modern woman can choose that same lifestyle, or any other one that suits her pleasure.  She can have a great job and climb the corporate ladder. She can raise a tribe of kids and be the best parent on the block.  Or do a little bit of both.  Women no longer have to sacrifice their dreams to make other people happy; the modern woman can choose her own flavor of happiness and she doesn't have to sacrifice a thing in the process.
Or does she?  
The reality is that in our fast-paced society, multi-tasking is the norm (and is practically a MUST). Even though we've made many strides in the women's rights movement, there is still a lot of pressure on women to get it right. Whether it's about their careers, beauty routines, or relationship status, a modern woman has many choices, and all the pressures that come along with them.
Popular discussions on this topic don't always help either.  Take for example Anne-Marie Slaughter's infamous and controversial article, "Why Women Can't Have It All." Her piece brought forth some very real concerns that women have had for a long time. Can you truly juggle your work life with your home life? Can you be both a successful career woman and a stellar mom?  
Although she makes interesting points about the impact of too many wants and needs in your life, her one-size-fits-all attitude is still quite limited.  Specifically when it comes to women who choose to NOT define a successful life as one with a husband 2.5 kids and a dog.  
And while that is one slice of happiness that many of us choose, it's not the one one.  Slaughter's advice and the popularity of her article beg the question of whether or not you can find success and happiness without sacrificing what you want for the sake of someone else?  
So we ask you: Is it really possible for women to have it all?
We took this all too important question to international bestselling author Lisa Steadman to see her take on the matter.  Steadman shares that, today, "we have so many choices and options for our lives and that's awesome. But it doesn't mean you have to check all the boxes to have it all. [Ask yourself] what does having it all for you look like?"
The reality is that happiness means something different for everyone. Are you ready to settle down with your partner and raise a family? Do it. Working on getting that raise? Go for it. Do you want to be a superstar in the courtroom? Go to law school and kill that!  Do you want to raise a garden, raise a church, raise a litter of puppies.  Do that.
At the end of the day, you're in charge of your own happiness. If you aren't content with how things are progressing in your life, you have to power to change it. But following an ancient quota of what women should and shouldn't do will get you nowhere.
Not every woman on the planet shares the same dream or expectations, which means that you don't need to force yourself into so many roles at once. Take the time to enjoy what's really important to you. And if you need permission to reach beyond what the people in your life are telling you is the "right" thing to do, go listen to Lisa again.  She'll school you in the power of YOU.