Well, This Sucks: Exercise Doesn't Help Weight Loss, Says Science

Time to stop kidding yourself. Exercise with a bad diet means NOTHING.

Rosie WeHeartIt

Most of us try to find a balance between enjoying ourselves and bettering our health. But let's face it: we're not all that great at maintaining. Although many of us put in extra hours at the gym, turns out we can't maintain fitness by getting physical alone.

A study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine explains that even if you exercise for the right amount of time each week, you could still face the risk of other health issues, such as weight gain, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and Type-2 Diabetes.


Ugh. Wait. What?

Well, the problem is that many of us think adding a few extra reps overcompensates for our awful eating habits. We're sorry to tell you but that's not the case. The study found that poor diet leads to more disease. In fact, it would be better for you to eat healthy and skip the gym all-together!

However, scientists say this isn't entirely our fault — it's the food industry!

"Members of the public are drowned by an unhelpful message about maintaining a 'healthy weight' through calorie counting and many still wrongly believe that obesity is entirely due to lack of exercise," writes the researchers of the study. "This false perception is rooted in the Food Industry's Public Relations machinery, which uses tactics chillingly similar to those of big tobacco."


Another damaging PR stunt that companies in the food industry have done is use likable celebrities to sell their products. But cmon people: we all know those A-listers aren't getting their figure from chugging soda. 

"Celebrity endorsements of sugary drinks, and the association of junk food and sports, must end. The 'health halo' legitimization of nutritionally-deficient products is misleading and unscientific. This manipulative marketing sabotages effective government interventions such as the introduction of sugary drink taxes or the banning of junk food advertising."

We suppose we'll have to be more stern when it comes to "cheat days" but — can we start tomorrow?