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This Hair Color Is Least Desirable To Men And Women, Says Study

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This Hair Color Is Least Desirable To Men And Women, Says Study

Many studies have looked into how people with different hair colors are perceived in the dating world.

Usually, the discussion comes down to blondes and brunettes, but do you know who is always being overlooked? Redheads — that's who.

A study published in Psychology Studies found that men who have red hair aren't treated the same as their blonde or brown-haired counterparts.

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An experiment was conducted that had men put on different-colored wigs to see whom women would approach and vice-versa, and sadly, the results were very disappointing.

Gingers were rejected the most — only 13.8 percent of them got women to dance with them, while men with black locks led the group with a 35 percent success rate.

And although some psychologists have said that women usually put less importance on physical traits than men do when it comes to the opposite sex, the experiment still showed that men with red hair still received much less of a response from women.

This seemed to be a problem for their lady counterparts, as well. 

The same study found that the woman with the fiery wigs were only approached by 29 guys, 127 men approached the women with blond wigs, 84 men approached women with the brown wigs, and 82 approached the women with the black wig.

And when men were showed photos of the same woman wearing different hair colors, the photo where she had red hair was rated as the most temperamental, least shy, and most sexually promiscuous out of every hair color. 

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So,, what are these people's problem? Stereotyping might be the culprit.

"One reason may stem from the stereotypes that people hold of redheads. Research suggests that (compared to women with other hair colors) women with red hair tend to be perceived as more temperamental, outgoing and promiscuous (but also more competent). And the relative rarity of red hair may make such stereotypes more difficult to disprove," David Matz, a social psychologist tells YourTango.

He then explained that, although red hair may be striking because it's rare, it's also why redheads lose points. "We have found that hair color preferences generally tend to match the prevalence of hair colors in a given region. Again, given the relative rarity of red hair, it is not surprising that red hair is least preferred," continues Matz.

Yikes! We know everyone has a type, but this may be taking it just a bit too far. Besides, dating a ginger is always a good idea — they're wonderful people! — in case you needed convincing. 

And things may be looking up for redheads nowadays, as some more recent reports suggest that our flame-haired friends may actually have started to become more desirable, not less.

So, get out there and embrace your beautiful, redheaded self! 

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