7 Things Every Son Desperately Wants Their Mother To Know

Learn the honest truths your son may not have the courage to tell you in person.

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A man's relationship with his mother is incredibly strong and fiercely protective. In this relationship not everything needs to be verbally communicated between the two in order to understand the other's intentions.

A mother knows her son better than anyone else and can pick up on subtle cues to learn more about her son's emotional state. She may not always get the verbal praise she deserves from her family, but the love and support she receives are what truly matters.


Despite the deep bond between mother and son, there are some things men may not be comfortable voicing out loud. For those guys (and the mothers they love dearly) here are some things every son needs their mom to know:

1. There's no problem that your hug won't fix. There will be days where everything possible goes wrong. We feel like the world is crashing down around us and we're struggling to simply stay afloat. When everything else is in flux, you are always there. Even if we don't explain everything that's bothering us, you'll always be there for a hug and to tell us everything will be ok. Your presence is the boost to pick us back up again and make us even stronger than before.


2.  The times we've unintentionally made you cry were horrible. No family is perfect and everyone fights occasionally. That being said, there is no worse feeling than making you cry. Even if we don't show it, just knowing we hurt the person that loves us unconditionally is enough to make us feel worse than dirt.

3.  Just because we seem preoccupied doesn’t mean we don't care. It's part of growing up. Men move away from home, meet new people, and form an individual identity. Just because we're changing and may be busy does not mean a son will ever stop caring about his mom. You may not always be my top priority, but in the end there's no replacing a mother.

4.  Thank you for letting us fight our own battles. A mother's instinct is to protect her child at all costs but we're thankful for the times where you showed restraint and let us fight our own battles. By letting us solve our own problems and experience failure, you helped prepare us for the real world.

5.  Thank you for not being afraid to spank us. It may have been a dreaded punishment as a child but it also taught us how to behave. By disciplining us, you helped us to grow into mature, polite men (most of us!).  


6.  You taught us how to treat women. Always open the door for a lady. Give her your coat if she's cold. Give up your seat for a woman if there aren't enough. You taught us what it means to be respectful to everyone  especially women.   

7.  No matter what, we'll always love you. It's the most important thing that every son needs their mother to know. Regardless of what we may do, where we may go, or things we may say in the heat of the moment, we will never stop loving you. We may not always say it, but it's always true.

I love you, Mom.