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Batsh*t BF Forces GF To Gain Weight So She's "Less Desirable"

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 BF Forces GF To Gain Weight

There are many crazy things that jealous people will do in order to ensure that their partner is faithful. Usually it consists of: constantly checking phones, picking fights with anyone of "suspicion," and perhaps, even showing up unannounced.

However, THIS guy has taken jealousy to the next level by forcing his girlfriend to binge-eat, not because he's a major foodie, but to guarantee she gains weight so that no other men desire her. (Yikes, we're pretty sure this couple has earned 2015's "Unhealthiest Relationship" award!)

According to Daily Mail, a Chinese woman named Yan Tai, 20, has gained 90 pounds over the course of two years because her boyfriend, You Pan, 25, doesn't want other men approaching her.

Pan reportedly fed Tai huge meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In case that didn't do the trick, he also woke her up in the middle of the night to give her snacks. 

The midnight snacks = awesome! Evil master plan = Eh, not so much.

After putting on all the weight, Pan then decided that it was time to make a lifetime commitment. Pan got down on one knee with a chocolate bouquet in front their favorite restaurant. Tai happily accepted. 

So, marriage ensuing, can Tai can go back to proportioned meals?

Of course not

Pan says he has no intentions of slowing down on the big meals he's been dishing out. He's reportedly going to continue feeding her large portions to make the love last forever.

Um, congrats you crazy kids!